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The International Organisation for Biocontrol, the IOBC, is affiliated with the International Council of Scientic Unions (ICSU) as the Section of Biological Control of the International Union of Biological Sciences (IUBS). The IOBC was established in 1955 to promote sustainable and environmentally safe methods of pest and disease control in plant protection. In addition to the global organisation, the IOBC has six Regional Sections with their own Executive Committee. There are also nine Working Groups (WG) within Global IOBC which are forums developed under the IOBC umbrella that serve to promote communication between biocontrol workers interested in particular topics. The Asian and Pacific Regional Section, IOBC-APRS, is one of six Regional Sections whose members are from governmental, scientific or commercial organisations. The IOBC-APRS encourages collaboration between all disciplines within biocontrol and enjoys involvement from entomology, plant pathology, botanical and vertebrate pest control workers. Like all sections within the IOBC, the IOBC-APRS have members that are enthusiastic about developing, promoting and extending the use of environmentally safe methods of pest control.

The Asian and Pacific Regional Section encompasses countries from throughout Asia, Oceania and the Pacific. Our members are from a variety of backgrounds and all bring excellent skills and knowledge to the society.

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Recent News

IOBC Global Newsletter #88 (December 2010) is now out for all IOBC members - log in to read the newsletter. Other newsletters are listed in the archive or at the global site.

Please send any local news that you may have to Leigh Pilkington. The news will be listed here and then ultimately appear in the IOBC-APRS newsletter to be published twice a year.

If you have any great Biological Control images you would like to share, please forward them to the webmaster to include throughout this site!!

Publications are now being listed on our site! Check out the publications page for details of work being done in our region!

Upcoming Events

IOBC sponsorship to attend the 3rd combined Australian and New Zealand Entomological Societies Conference.

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