HOT OFF THE PRESS: Australia back in business in weed biocontrol


Some very good news for Biocontrol in Australia have been announced 14 April 2016 by Australia's acting Prime Minister, see announcement$6-2-million-whack-for-weeds-.aspx, total project worth $13M. This is the second weed biological control project funded under this program. The first was last year for $5M on 6 targets where biocontrol activities are further developed.

Australia now has nearly $20M of projects working together across agencies on weed biological control. A renaissance of the field in Australia! Mainly on weeds of Ag significance but there are a few targets to add to this for about another $1M+ for environmental weeds with more to come.


We are expecting Australia will be looking for somewhere between 5-10 new Research Scientist positions to support this program. Clearly also some of the targets will be of interest to our international partners.